Recipe for Success: Mother Daughter Relaxation


Recipe for Relaxation

Relaxation is a good thing to integrate into your life. The constant busyness of work and home demands can run you down and leave you feeling tired and stressed. It is important to take time to relax yourself and put aside any thoughts of stress or tension, and instead focus only on gently unwinding. Use this recipe to assist you in breathing deeply and taking care of yourself so that you can avoid burnout and overtiredness!

NOTE: This recipe for relaxation can have enhanced effects if a daughter, mother, or friend is there to enjoy it with you!


1 Manicure

1 Pedicure

30 Minutes Steam

1 Glass of Cucumber Water



1. Get a Manicure

Book an appointment for a double manicure (so you and your daugher(s) can all sit down at once) and prepare to have your hands and arms completely relaxed. Many salons will give you a massage on your arms and fingers, because even your hands can feel the stress! Choose a nail polish color that makes you smile (whether that is pretty pink, or bold green), a color that will leave you feeling new when you look down at your hands. Nothing feels better than seeing pretty polished hands after a manicure!


2. Get a Pedicure

Our toes are often neglected in the colder months because socks and boots are worn almost constantly. But when you are at home you will still see your toes when you get ready for bed or are simply walking around the house. Make those piggies of yours pretty again and get a pedicure! Scrape off that extra skin and dirt that has been hanging around since summer sandals, and get your feet feeling smooth and soft. The warm bath water used in pedicures will induce feelings of relaxation as well! The simple fact that you don’t have to be the one to clean your feet is something indescribably amazing. Because no one see’s your toes in these months, get a crazy polish color put on them! Neon orange or sparkling blue are fun colors to look at!


3. 30 Minutes of Steam.

Clean out those pores and surround yourself with steam and love! Do something good for your skin and your stress and sit in a steam room for 30 minutes. This will relax your muscles and help reduce the amount of tension that may be hanging around. Your blood pressure will lower and your breathing will slow and you may even feel sleepy. It is these indicators that are proving just how relaxed you are! Feel the weight lift off your shoulders and breathe deeply. Relaxation should be coursing through your body! Plus, this is a great time to have some bonding time with your girl(s). Chatting in a sauna doesn’t take away from the relaxation.


4. Glass of Cucumber Water

Finish off with 1 glass of cucumber water. Rehydrate and rejuvenate! Cucumber water is extremely hydrating and will leaving you feeling refreshed. It is said that cucumber water is good for your muscles, skin, and can also act as a detoxifying agent. With all the benefits of cucumber water, why wouldn’t you end your recipe for relaxation with a glass? Once the drink has refreshed you you should feel high amounts of relaxation.


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