Recipe for Success: Home Office Supplies


Working from home is great! I get to stay in the comfort of my own house, eat whenever I need to (IsaLean Shakes are so convenient on busy days), and make my Isagenix Coffee my favourite way. With working at home, I also find it important to customize your home office the way you like. Besides a desk and some beautifully colored walls, to succeed there are some supplies your home office should definitely have.



20 Colored Pens and Highlighters

1 Wall Calendar

1 Computer and Printer

1 Comfortable Chair

1 Personalized Décor Item




  1. Have 20 colored pens and highlighters

Pens and highlighters are important to have in your home office. Many people think that their writing days are over due to technology, but the truth is that you will always need these writing tools. Having them nearby will make sure you’re ready for any notes you need to take or documents you have to sign – not to mention those career changing ideas! When organizing your business it can be helpful to have different colors to code certain items. Keep these supplies accessible so that they are there for when you need them!


  1. Hang 1 wall calendar

I have more than one calendar and day timer on the go to keep track of the many things I need to do. Simply having a calendar on your wall can help avoid always pulling out your books. It is an easy thing to have visible so if you need a date while on the phone, you can glance up and there it is!


  1. Set up 1 computer and printer

Set up an organized and tidy computer area. If you have two separate desks, it might be a good idea to keep them separated so you can have your writing desk and your computer and printer area. That way you won’t be fighting to push things aside when you need to get to the keyboard. Make sure your printer is fully stocked with paper as well; that 100-page quote is waiting!


  1. Purchase 1 comfortable chair

A comfortable chair is one of the most important office supplies you can invest in. It is that chair that you will spend most of your time in when you are at home working. Hours on the computer or phone will cramp your back and bruise your tailbone if you don’t have a chair that supports your spine and encourages good posture. If your chair is shaped correctly and is comfortable, you will be able to stay sitting longer and, therefore, get more work done. Do something good for your back and make sure your office supplies include a good chair – your body health is always worth the investment. It will be the chair that sees you through all your good ideas!


  1. Put 1 personalized décor item up

Your home office is the place you will spend a majority of your time. Make your space personal! Instead of having just your every-day office items, spice it up with something that will make your home office feel a little less like work. A painting, a strange token, a terrarium, or that weird gnome you got from your aunt last Christmas; no matter what you use for décor make sure it is something that will stand out. Take the ‘office’ out of home-office by adding something fun and homey!

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