Recipe for Success: Date Night In


Date nights are important to do no matter if you are newlyweds or married as long as Joe and I. Spending time together and continuing to get to know one another is so important when it comes to keeping your relationship strong. Going out can get expensive, especially when you go out every Friday like Joe and I, so why not stay in? Here is a recipe for a successful date night in that works for us!



1 Bottle of Wine

1 Takeout Menu

2 Fancy Outfits

10 Safely Lit Candles

1 Board Game/Project

10 Songs to Dance to




  1. Get 1 bottle of wine

Staying in means that you both are able to drink without worrying about who will be driving home. Treat yourselves to a nice bottle of wine (or any beverage you two prefer) and simple relax and enjoy your drink. It can be a great way to let loose and feel cozy in your own home. Having wine will make your evening feel classier than having a beer in front of the TV.


  1. Have 1 takeout menu

Just because you are doing a date night in doesn’t mean that you have to cook dinner. Find a takeout menu to a place that you both would really enjoy (Thai, Indian, or whatever else sounds yummy!). Take the stress out of cooking a meal and pick up the phone to order some delicious food delivered right to your door – we all deserve a cheat night once in a while!


  1. 2 fancy outfits

You are staying in, but you can still get dressed up. It is fun and romantic to get ready for your date night in together. Get dressed in a pretty dress he can ‘pick you up’ at the bedroom door wearing his nicest shirt and tie! Then off you go to your romantic date night at home. You may even feel the dating jitters again!


  1. Have 10 safely lit candles

A romantic evening is not complete without candles! Scavenge your house for any candles you have kept over the years and scatter them around the room to add some beautiful lighting! Be sure that you have the candles lit in safe places – Your attention will be on your date, your drink, and your food, so be sure that they are not in a spot that could be potentially dangerous!


  1. Get 1 board game or project

Find something for the two of you to do on your date night in. Monopoly could be too competitive for some couples, so a project that you two are working on (such as planning out your next vacation or pretending to be architects and drawing out your renovation blueprints) might be more fun. Do something that you both will enjoy and have fun doing it together!


  1. Have 10 songs to dance to

The night is not complete without a little bit of music and dancing. Keep the romance going and dance in the living room like they do on TV. You may feel silly, but it will bring your walls down and you will end up having a lot of fun, I promise. Put on your wedding song or dance to something silly, it doesn’t matter what it is, so long as you both are enjoying yourselves!

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