Recipe for Success: Business Carry-On Bag


Being your own boss can have the bonus of traveling for work trips! I like to be super-prepared for the flight so I never feel frustrated or stressed out and so I don’t forget anything! Because once you are in the air, you can’t go back.


1 Laptop/Tablet and Charger
3 Pens
1 Notebook
1 Phone Charger
2 Granola Bars
1 Toothbrush/Toothpaste
1 Lipstick


1. Pack your laptop/tablet and charger
Many airplanes have outlets for your laptop and tablet cords. If you are off on a business trip, pack along your laptop in your carry-on bag so that you can work on the plane! Practice a presentation, finish a project, or simply work on getting that to-do list finished! The plane is a perfect place to get some stuff done because there are few distractions and you can’t go anywhere anyway!

2. Pack 3 pens (red, black, and blue) and 1 notebook
Organization is key when you are keeping your business in order. Having 3 different colors of pens will be great in case you need to differentiate your thoughts. Make sure you have a notebook with you as well! Some of our best thoughts come to us in the most random places. Be prepared and have your notebook and pen ready for when those inspirational thoughts come your way!

3. Bring 1 phone charger
Although we like to think that our phones are invincible and are always there for us, the battery can get sucked up really fast when travelling. Your phone is used for maps, emails, mobile tickets, and music. The battery will quickly drain so it is important to have your charger at your side just in case (or a backup external battery in case there is no outlet). Airplanes and airports have many places where you can charge your phones, use them to your advantage and charge up whenever you get a chance! You never know when you will have access to a charger after your flight!

4. Pack 2 IsaLean
Flight service is great if you are on long flights and have access to snacks and drinks at any time, but sometimes if your flights are short or the food runs out, you will be stuck with a grumbling stomach. I pack 2 emergency IsaLean bars so that if suddenly food is not available I will have something that can tie me over until I can find somewhere to eat. Better safe than hungry!

5. Bring along 1 toothbrush and toothpaste
It might be a long time until you can see the inside of your hotel room and the long hours spent on an airplane can leave your mouth feeling gross. Do yourself a favor and pack along a toothbrush and toothpaste (under 100ml). It is an easy thing to bring that you can use on the plane, at the airport, or wherever you feel you need to freshen up your breath!

6. Pack 1 Lipstick
Many people feel as though when they go on work trips they come off the plane feeling grubby and have to go straight to a meeting. Pack along a lipstick so that even though you may feel a little less beautified, you can put on some lipstick and draw confidence from that! It will give your face a refreshed look that will make anyone doubt you came from an airplane!

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